Is there a way forward? For Cavanaugh the only fruitful way forward in this context is "to tap the theological resources of the Christian tradition for more radical imaginings of space and time ... around which to enact communities of solidarity and resistance."

Love is Fucking Stupid

For those scheduled to preach soon but have not yet chosen a text (if that is possible for you): What about preaching over 1 Cor 13 with the title Love is Fucking Stupid?

"What should we get out of worship? Wrong question. Worship is not a utility but an offering, a sacrifice, an economy of grace that interrupts and critiques the feverish cycles of production and consumption - which is why the collection is not fund-raising but cultural critique. If you want relevance, excitement, or profit, go to a rally, a concert, or the stock exchange. To put it most counter-culturally: Blessed are the bored, for they will see God. Indeed you must be bored-again."

And what do we have left? Just a church as "an essentially asocial entity that provides only 'motivations' and 'values' for public action".

The Anabaptists, partly because of outside forces, gave priority to the proclamation and realization of the gospel in the community before they participated in shaping the world. Already Celsus blamed such an attitude for leaving "the government on earth for the most lawless and wildest barbarians" who neither respect the worship of God nor true wisdom among people. The accusation that Christian pacifism thrives on the fact that others take care of the dirty business of politics has a tradition!

Is a theologically informed vision of politics, a vision that can help the church to break out of its captivity to political, social, and economical myths of modernity, possible?

Håll tillgodo med en föreläsning av Stanley Hauerwas om sanning, politik och Bonhoeffer.