Kim Fabricius

Vad innebär det att vara teolog?

Jag kan varmt rekommendera Kim Fabricius bok Propositions on Christian Theology: A Pilgrim Walks the Plank. Som titeln antyder skriver han tio teser om olika ämnen som t ex treenigheten, synd och om att vara teolog. Boken fungerar både som en sorts introduktion till kristen tro för troende. Men jag tror också att man skulle kunna göra "alpha"-kurs av den.

On hating writing

Kim Fabricius has a nice piece on writing in a little comment to a recent discussion on F&T about the way Barth changed as he was writing his dogmatics and a famous remark from Foucault concerning writing:

"What should we get out of worship? Wrong question. Worship is not a utility but an offering, a sacrifice, an economy of grace that interrupts and critiques the feverish cycles of production and consumption - which is why the collection is not fund-raising but cultural critique. If you want relevance, excitement, or profit, go to a rally, a concert, or the stock exchange. To put it most counter-culturally: Blessed are the bored, for they will see God. Indeed you must be bored-again."