The Politics of Virtue

Arne Rasmusson on the use of historical narratives and quantitative methods in political theology, with special reference to Radical Orthodoxy, catholicism, protestantism, and liberalism/liberality.

The ultimate politic

I mean, that may not sound like much, but I think it is the ultimate politic.

I say in a hundred years, if Christians are known as a strange group of people who don't kill their children and don't kill the elderly, we will have done a great thing.

Arrested in Copenhagen

One of my friends was arrested when he took part in a demonstration in relation to the Copenhagen Climate Summit. Read his story here.

The Church is itself (or is meant to be) an ekklesia, a sphere were politics proper happens. ... Is Cavanaugh's view of the Church social and bodily enough?

Is there a way forward? For Cavanaugh the only fruitful way forward in this context is "to tap the theological resources of the Christian tradition for more radical imaginings of space and time ... around which to enact communities of solidarity and resistance."

And what do we have left? Just a church as "an essentially asocial entity that provides only 'motivations' and 'values' for public action".

Is a theologically informed vision of politics, a vision that can help the church to break out of its captivity to political, social, and economical myths of modernity, possible?

Håll tillgodo med en föreläsning av Stanley Hauerwas om sanning, politik och Bonhoeffer.