Vad innebär det att vara teolog?

Vad innebär det att vara teolog?

Jag kan varmt rekommendera Kim Fabricius bok Propositions on Christian Theology: A Pilgrim Walks the Plank. Som titeln antyder skriver han tio teser om olika ämnen som t ex treenigheten, synd och om att vara teolog. Boken fungerar både som en sorts introduktion till kristen tro för troende. Men jag tror också att man skulle kunna göra "alpha"-kurs av den. Den är också väldigt rolig (om man uppskattar teologiskämt).

Ett smakprov från vad han skriver om att vara teolog:
  • "Theology is the outcome of good conversation, the conversation of friends" (p. 127).
  • "The theologian is a servant of the Word who, in communal conversation with other Christians, thinks about what God says to us in the Bible. Thus — but only thus — is she also a servant of the church" (p. 127).
  • "Can a theologian be an unbeliever? Don't be ridiculous! Theology is fides quaerens intellectum: no fides, no intellectum. And while anyone may interpret the Bible, only a believer interprets the Bible as scripture. Moreover, one can speak about God only as one speaks to God. Prayer is the epistemological precondition of theology... indeed a prayerless theologian is a moron — which is not to say that God cannot use the braying of Balaam's ass" (pp. 127-128).
  • "Ultimately, of course, theologians do not know what they are talking about. So they should excercise meticulous 'word-care' — and not talk too much" (p. 129).
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Kalle Carlstein är doktorand i Nya testamentet vid Uppsala universitet.

Kalle Carlstein is a Ph.D. student in New Testament exegesis at Uppsala University.