About us

Cruciform phronesis is some friends sharing thoughts and reflections concerning Christian theology, and therefore also about such things as history, society, and culture. For us this conversation has its basis in our view of the church as a positive counter-culture and as a life together in fellowship, and this gives theology its character of a "cruciform practical wisdom".

Theological perspective

Our theological perspective can be described as post-secular with a certain radical reformation touch and can briefly be formulated like this:

In the center stands God's mission, this silent revolution for the sake of the world, which has found its definitive breakthrough in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and which goal is the redemption of the whole creation. As world-wide church and as local communities we are called to be a part of God's mission by striving to follow, in humility, the way of Jesus - the politics of Jesus - in all areas of life and so be an alternative society and a positive counter-culture. We want to respond to this calling in ecumenical openness and by practicing a radical as well as generous orthodoxy which lets the gospel seek new shapes in a new emerging culture.

Who are "we"?

We are all living in Sweden.

Text och blog

Text contains longer texts of both popular and academic character that tries to penetrate a little deeper. Texts are symbolized with a text document in a circle.

Blog contains mostly shorter texts that comments, highlights and give tips on things that we encounter and think are interesting (blog posts from the old site have been imported here and some of these are more "text-like"). Blog posts are symbolized with a pen in a circle.

Conversation tone

Since we claim that a "cruciform pacifism" is not just a consequence of the Christian theology but is something of its innermost heart, we want the conversation in this blog to be marked by what you could call a "pacifistic conversation tone". It is all right if the conversation is sometimes critical and provocative, but at the same time it should reflect attentiveness, patience, vulnerability, and a courage to not trying to be in control. Therefore we will have none of sarcasms, insults, attacks on individuals, or unfair accusations.

Swedish ... English?!

Someone may wonder why we mix Swedish and English posts. The reason is simple: we have both Swedish and English conversation partners and our conversation is in some ways a part of a bigger international theological conversation.