The Politics of Virtue

Arne Rasmusson on the use of historical narratives and quantitative methods in political theology, with special reference to Radical Orthodoxy, catholicism, protestantism, and liberalism/liberality.

Kroborgs Slott

Anton Johnsson samtalar med Arne Rasmusson om Bibeln, bibelbruk, församlingspraktiker, om hans tid som församlingsplanterare med mera.

"And he chooses us"

Samuel Wells about "being with" and the very definition of love

"At the central moment in history, Jesus, the incarnate Son of God, has to choose between being with the Father and being with us. And he chooses us. At the same time the Father has to choose between letting the Son be with us and keeping the Son to Himself. And he chooses to let the Son be with us."

Hur man vinner en teologisk diskussion

Do not contradict the Bible. Do not interfere with the liturgy. Do not threaten the means of salvation.

William C Placher kommer med en tes om hur man vann teologiska debatter på 200 och 300-talet. Jag tror att de kriterier han menade var verksamma kan lära oss något i dagens teologiska diskussioner.

What is the difference between a hero and a saint?

A hero fears failure, flees mistakes, and knows no repentance: the saint knows that light only comes through cracks, that beauty is as much (if not more) about restoration as about creation.

The hero's story is always about the hero. The saint is always at the periphery of a story that is really about God.

Jeppe Bach Nikolajsen, The Distinctive Identity of the Church

 The task that lies before the church in the Western world is to recapture a profound understanding of its own distinctive identity ... Mission must determine the life of the church in the world.

Can there ever be a ‘just war?’

Here is, in my opinion, one of the best and clearest summaries of the issues of crusade, just war and pacifism: Samuel Wells Can there ever be a ‘just war?’ from St Martin-in-the-Fields Autumn Lecture Series 2014, ‘Living Without Enemies: Christian Responses to War and Violence’.

Jesus loves us so much that he goes to the cross even if there’s no certainty of resurrection. Jesus isn’t just keeping his side of the bargain. Jesus is loving even if not.

We now re-launch Cruciform Phronesis

Cruciform Phronesis re-launch

We are six friends who in various ways have come to know each other over the years. Aside from the fact that two of us are brothers, this friendship for some of us goes back 40 years to high school in Växjö (Sweden). For others, the friendship is later but for all of us it is starting to become a quite long, common history.

Jacques Ellul, 6 januari 1912 - 19 maj 1994

Jacques Ellul

"Det största problemet för en kristen idag är inte att veta hur han ska handla. ... Det som betyder något är att leva, inte handla."

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