Nya böcker

Nya böcker

Nästa bok i serien Theopolitical Visions är Paul, Philosophy, and the Theopolitical Vision som redigeras av Douglas Harink. Det tycks vara en bok om hur Paulus kommit att diskuteras bland filosofer och också om Paulus apokalyptiska teopolitiska vision. Jag har inte lyckats luska ut vilka som skriver bidrag förutom Stephen Fowl.

Chris Huebner redigerar en bok om Yoder, The New Yoder. På förlagets hemsida beskrivs boken så här: The work of John Howard Yoder has become increasingly influential in recent years. Moreover, it is gaining influence in some surprising places. No longer restricted to the world of theological ethicists and Mennonites, Yoder has been discovered as a refreshing voice by scholars working in many other fields. For thirty-five years, Yoder was known primarily as an articulate defender of Christian pacifism against a theological ethics guild dominated by the Troeltschian assumptions reflected in the work of Walter Rauschenbusch and Reinhold and Richard Niebuhr. But in the last decade, there has been a clearly identifiable shift in direction. A new generation of scholars has begun reading Yoder alongside figures most often associated with post-structuralism, neo-Nietzscheanism, and post-colonialism, resulting in original and productive new readings of his work. At the same time, scholars from outside of theology and ethics departments, indeed outside of Christianity itself, like Romand Coles and Daniel Boyarin, have discovered in Yoder a significant conversation partner for their own work. This volume collects some of the best of those essays in hope of encouraging more such work from readers of Yoder and in hopes of attracting others to his important work.

Inte heller att förglömma två nya sammmanställningar av John Howard Yoders artiklar/material: War of the Lamb, The: The Ethics of Nonviolence and Peacemaking och Christian Attitudes to War, Peace, and Revolution.

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