Som vanligt när Stanley Hauerwas är i farten säger han något provokativt -- och något insiktsfullt. Här är ett utdrag om varför evangelikala församlingar håller på att dö ur en intervju.

World War II, the battle of the Somme, Wikimedia Creative Commons

Många kan tycka det var märkligt att tyska kristna, även motståndare till den nazistiska regimen, var lojala patrioter i relation till den aggressiva tyska utrikespolitiken.  Men om man läser nedanstående text från 1929 av Bonhoeffer blir det inte så märkligt.

"But attention!"

In the video clip above Karl Barth says that God reveals himself in the world, not just in the Bible. But here we have to be careful...

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, 1939 | Bundesarchiv, Bild 146-1987-074-16 / CC-BY-SA

The German priest and theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote in September 1939 the following about the importance of thanksgiving in the Christian life and in the life of the church, a thanksgiving which could blossom even in the paltry, the miserable and insignificant.

The ultimate politic

I mean, that may not sound like much, but I think it is the ultimate politic.

I say in a hundred years, if Christians are known as a strange group of people who don't kill their children and don't kill the elderly, we will have done a great thing.

En hyllning till kitsch

Most Christian art is and always has been kitsch: that’s what most Christians like. They—we—like it exactly because it’s nuance-free.

Abort och valfriheten

The reason that we are wrestling with this "dilemma" is our infatuation with "choice".

Uncritically worshipped, choice ultimately demands all – we are increasingly infatuated and distracted by this shiny object without questioning the object of our desire for one moment.

Holy Scripture, part 2

In a previous post I discussed Webster's Holy Scripture (Cambridge University Press, 2003). In particular I highlighted his robustly trinitarian approach. In this post I will discuss his useful notion sanctification.

Holy Scripture, part 1

In Holy Scripture (Cambridge University Press, 2003), John Webster gives a dogmatic sketch of what Holy Scripture is, an ontology, in the triune economy of salvation:

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