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The Politics of Virtue

Arne Rasmusson on the use of historical narratives and quantitative methods in political theology, with special reference to Radical Orthodoxy, catholicism, protestantism, and liberalism/liberality.

William Cavanaugh, Theopolitical Imagination

Is a theologically informed vision of politics, a vision that can help the church to break out of its captivity to myths of modernity, possible? The Catholic and Radical Orthodoxy theologian William Cavanaugh believes so.

John Milbank, Theology and Social Theory

Even if not quite an Barthian bombshell, John Milbank’s Theology and Social Theory: Beyond Secular Reason did really chock its audience when it first appeared more than one and half decade ago.

Holy Scripture, part 2

In a previous post I discussed Webster's Holy Scripture (Cambridge University Press, 2003). In particular I highlighted his robustly trinitarian approach. In this post I will discuss his useful notion sanctification.

Holy Scripture, part 1

In Holy Scripture (Cambridge University Press, 2003), John Webster gives a dogmatic sketch of what Holy Scripture is, an ontology, in the triune economy of salvation: