William Cavanaugh on Theopolitical Imagination

William Cavanaugh, Theopolitical Imagination

As a kind of manifesto the Catholic and Radical Orthodoxy theologian William Cavanaugh in his book Theopolitical Imagination calls for a theologically informed vision of politics, a vision that can help the church to break out of its captivity to political, social, and economical myths of modernity. This can be said to be a vision of “theological politics” – or a post-secular political theology – that situates itself in contrast to public theology, political theology, and liberation theology.

The myths of modernity which Cavanaugh addresses in this book is the myth of the (nation)state as saviour, the myth of civil society a free space, and the myth of globalisation as a form of true catholicity or universality.

(This text is also found in a blog version from 2009.)

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